Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Brides of Kansas by Tracey V. Bateman


Meet three survivors who ve tossed social convention to the prairie winds in order to make their way on the Kansas frontier. Cassidy Sinclair is alone with a niece to care for but can she marry a stranger? Tarah St. John s life changes drastically when she reaches out to two abused children. The impetuous Laney Jenkins is determined to hold on to the reins of her destiny, regardless of any man. Can these determined women open their lives to new possibilities in faith and love? Find out in this inspiring three-book collection by author Tracey Bateman.

I enjoyed reading this bundle but sometimes I thought that the inspirational part was a bit too pronounced. Trusting and having faith are one thing but very often the characters felt punished by god because they hadn't kept their promise or whatever - maybe this is not unusual but somehow I was a bit upset when god and his punishment were used to keep a couple apart and when somebody suffered a lot because he or she thought that she had brought down something horrible on someone because of a prayer for help.

Apart from that I liked these stories that followed several members of a family from the first meeting of the Cassidy and Dell in the first book to the marriages and love stories of their children in the other books.
A wonderful loving family who open their hearts to those around them and who help others no matter what it costs. You just have to love those people and you feel with them und hope that everything turns out just fine because their love for each other and for those in need of love around them is touching.

Love, laughter and hard but honest work are the basis of their lives and it is great to see how everything comes together and everybody ends up with the right partner.


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