Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 14. August 2017

The Scotsman by Virginia Brown


Pushed beyond his limits. . .

Scotsman Alexander Fraser has lost too much in his fight for freedom from the English. So when his younger brother is taken hostage by the cruel Earl of Warfield, Alex retaliates by kidnapping the earl's delicate daughter . . . only to find she's nothing he expected.

Taken for ransom. . .

Catherine Worth, daughter of Warfield, knows her value. She's worth nothing to her father except as, now tarnished, property to be traded through marriage to a titled ally. He won't trade a valuable prisoner for her return. Her life is in the hands of her cold and ruthless captor as he realizes that there will be no trade. What she doesn't count on is falling in love with a man like none she's ever known.

Neither expected passion. Neither expected the choices they'd face. Alex must someday give her up . . . or forfeit his brother's life.

 This book was nice but also rather foreseeable. I know, many of those books are foreseeable and that's exactly why we read them but I felt as if something unique was missing. Oh, the hero and the heroine deal well with each other and their problems are tough and very real but somehow it couldn't hold my attention. Maybe, if I read it again another time, I might be more captivated but somehow I doubt that. Oh, the story is fine and the characters are nice but... Of course, not everything was foreseeable but it was lacking some kind of spark and something that makes it different.
I liked it well enough but I'm not sure that I will ever read it again.


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