Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

Underneath the Sun by Shannon Dermott


Scientist warned this day was coming. And it’s finally here.

Harlow Forde, a nursing student, is used to giving up the things that matter most to her like her dreams of becoming a doctor because financially she couldn’t swing it. And letting go the only boy she’s ever loved, Jackson Ryan. The small town sport’s hero left at her urging for dreams he could achieve by utilizing a full scholarship at a prestigious university hours away.

But Harlow’s a fighter and shows no fear when the sirens begin to blast warning that the rays that brighten the sky and created golden tans will now blister skin on contact. She grabs her bag, like the rest of the residents of her town, and gives up the only home she’s ever known to make the most of her new underground one.

Even though everything has changed between them, Harlow still holds out hope that Jackson will arrive before the doors close as world hides from the brightest star in the sky which has become the Earth’s most dangerous adversary.

Only Mother Nature turns out not to be the only foe. The residents of her town will have to band together to survive as Harlow finds her place, her voice, and her love underneath the sun.

Somehow...I can't really say why, but somehow I couldn't get into this book.
Part of the problem may have been the fact that I expected more of the dystopian story but mainly it was about Harlow and Jackson. I like Jackson and Harlow, really but the world just became inhabitable, everything was lost and we heard just a teeny tiny bit about that but we read dozens of pages about their love for each other in the past.

Things happen but they don't seem to be very important, even the whole apocalypse stuff is just, well, not that important. It happened, okay, let's go on and find Jackson and dream of him and the time with him.

I couldn't really identify and feel with the hero and the heroine. Somehow I felt that there was a whole lot of misunderstandings and presumptions and whatever going on, that made things unnecessarily difficult. Jackson remained a stranger, at least to me, and you never really got to know him but Harlow wasn't that easy to understand as well.
Apart from that, Harlow just seemed to be a bit too perfect, she never made a mistake, she was beautiful and bad-ass and at least theoretically every guy was interested in her and she never knew it and... well, you get the gist, right?

Don't get me wrong, I liked the idea of the story and it is not a bad story just very different from what I expected because the focus seems to be almost exclusively on the love story.



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