Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

The Cowboy's Runaway Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 3) by Laurie LeClair


When Dallas society bride Elizabeth Eve Barrington discovers her intended’s financial ulterior motives for marriage, she hightails it out of the church in her wedding gown and hops in the back of a parked and beat-up pickup truck.

Happy to leave the big city, sexy cowboy Connor McCall jumps in his truck, revs up his engine, and then heads home to Honor, Texas with the goal of saving his family's failing ranch. Hours later and miles down country roads, Connor discovers the stowaway bride, and he’s pretty sure she’s feigning amnesia.

What’s a cowboy to do? Cowboy up, of course. He takes Eve home, determined to solve her mystery. What he discovers is a lot of smoke–and where there's smoke, there's fire, with the heat generating between them hot enough to burn. Will Connor be damned if he falls for the beautiful runaway bride or will he be damned if he doesn’t?

Okay, that was a really nice read! I was a bit annoyed with our bride-to-(not)-be for the manner in which she dealt with her situation (Seriously? Amnesia?) but it was great to see her find her way and herself, to see her learn to stand up for the things that are important to her and I loved her grit when she did that. She never gave up, no matter what happened, she did what had to be done and it was easy to see, how such a tough guy like Conner McCall could fall for a girl like her.
Running away may not have been the most mature reaction (but I must admit that it is understandable) but who would have thought that so much good could come of it?

All her life, since her mother died when she was still young, Liz has been fighting to unite her family and to fit in, to live up to her father's expectations. No easy thing with a man like that, actually, which is also the reason why her whole family is torn apart. Her step-brothers have long since given up on her father, their stepfather but Liz still hopes that one day they will all get along.
With her fiancé turning out to be a callous, profit-seeking bastard, her last hope for achieving her aim dies. It is by running away that she learns what being family really means and that love is worth fighting for.

A light-hearted and easy read, somewhat predictable but with unique characters and a wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it and will definitely read more books by this author. It was my first book by Laurie LeClaire but hopefully not the last!


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