Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Buried Alive by Stacey Marie Brown


Nine years after a tragic accident, Hannah “Brennley” Evans has returned home to the snowy mountains of Whistler, Canada. This is the very place that destroyed her, where her whole world ended, and the reason she now goes by Hannah Jennings.
Struggling with his own tragic past, Rhys Axton, an infamous sexy snowboarding champion, wants nothing more than to be the next Olympic hopeful. Sex, snowboarding, and working out are all he cares about, which helps shut off the demons that haunt him and the family who rejected him.
The moment Hannah walks into his room, he knows something is different about her. Drawn to her, he can’t seem to stay away from the mysterious, guarded girl. They are two heartbroken souls who both understand the darkness.
Little does he know she lives in lies and carries secrets that will bring his universe to its knees and secrets that will bury them both alive.


Intense doesn't cover it.
This book is intense - and so much more. First, I must admit that I had already several books by the author on my reader but never started to read them - a fact that I will definitely change as soon as possible. This book came out, I read good things about it and knowing that I'd get the chance to meet the author at a signing event next month, I just had to read it - even though I was a bit worried at the beginning because, well, honestly? The title summed up my worst nightmare and I wasn't sure how literally it was meant and how much and... Considering the fact that I will definitely read this book and others by her again, you might have guessed that it was not a problem.

Hannah Jennings, our heroine, has to deal with the reminders of a very traumatizing accident. Coming back to the place where it all took place was rather an act of desperation than of courage but when she realizes that she will have to face even more than her own fears and memories, things become really hard. And when against all odds and definitely against better knowledge she must realize that there is only one person who can finally make her feel again.

Rhys on the other hand, has his own way to deal with his issues. Having also lived through loss and neglect, he definitely has some serious issues but when he meets Hannah, he feels as if he could let loose...only to find that her past is a part of his own.
With their own issues running wild, the people around them trying to tear them apart and the media always trying to get the next story no matter who gets hurt in the process, those two have some hard times to push through but in the end, it might be worth all this heartbreak and those tears. It might....

Intense and beautiful, this is a story that you don't forget easily. This is a story about moving on and confronting your past, a story about starting to live again and to allowing yourself to be happy and it is also the wonderful love story of two people who help each other heal. It also touches some other important subjects that will make you think and ...well, I won't go into detail here because I think that that might lead to some spoilers.
Let me just say that this is an amazing book that I can wholeheartedly recommend.


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