Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

Lady of Steel (Medieval Ladies Series 1) by Mary Gillgannon #LadyOfSteel #NetGalley


I really enjoyed reading "The Wicked Wager" by Mary Gilgannon and on the whole, I enjoyed reading "The Lady of Steel" as well but somehow the story couldn't draw me in and it felt rushed.
There were great characters but it felt as if the bad guys were simply too bad and the good oneswere too - okay, not too good, they also had dark sides but everything tended to be extreme.
I know, of course, that those times were hard and brutal and that women had no rights but..again...but. The characters are lacking depth and are rather stereotypical: The really bad guy, the honorable good guy, committing bad deeds. things like that.
I would have wished for some communication because half of the problems might have been avoided if anybody, okay, if Lady Nichola had talked to Fawkes de Cressy. Even though I understood her hesitancy to trust him considering her former experiences with men (well, not all of them were bad, right, so ....) to a certain degree, it felt as if the story was just drawn out by it.
Apart from that, I felt as if everybody was always rushing to and fro and hither and thither and going from one place to the next like we do today. Considering that traveling was much harder and took much more time in those times, that felt a bit off.
On the whole it is a nice story that I will probably read again but I had expected more.


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