Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018

Fury Frayed by Melissa Haag


Megan’s temper lands her in Girderon Academy, an exclusive school founded in a town of misfit supernatural creatures. It’s the one place she should be able to fit in, but she can’t. Instead, she itches to punch the smug sheriff in his face, pull the hair from a pack of territorial blondes, and kiss the smile off the shy boy’s face. Unfortunately, she can’t do any of that, either, because humans are dying and all clues point to her.

With Megan’s temper flaring, time to find the real killer and clear her name is running out. As much as she wants to return to her own life, she needs to embrace who and what she is. It’s the only way to find and punish the creature responsible.

Wow, this book blew my mind! I really loved the Judgement of the Six series and its companion books, I really loved the Resurrection Chronicles that Melissa Haag wrote together with Becca Vincenza and devoured every page of it but I think, Fury Frayed has topped them all. From the very first page on I was hooked. The unique and captivating story, the amazing and wonderful characters and the great writing had me glued to my reader.

I loved the story that kept me on my toes, I was upset, I was  fascinated, I was laughing and giggling and I could have power hugged Eliana and Megan every now and then because they definitely needed it. Even more though I loved all those characters. You just have to love Eliana, sweet, tackle hugging Eliana and furious, absolutely lovable Megan, who just tries to find her way - and clear her name when everything seems to point at her when corpses turn up around her. Fenris, who desperately tries to avoid Aubrey who definitely doesn't want to be avoided and who isn't someone to suffer silently and, of course, there is Oanen. Wonderful and amazing Oanen who is always there when he is needed. Those guys are authentic and real and you just can't resist, you have to love them!

I can't wait for the next book to come out, this book is simply amazing and charming and sweet and I loved it.


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