Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Reliving Fate by Natasha Preston



When Bella stumbles upon her dead sister’s diary, she sets out on a mission to find her sister’s killer, but it leads her to the wrong side of town.

And right into the path of Rocco, a loner, a bad boy, who is determined to keep her away. After all, you protect your own, and Bella certainly doesn’t belong with the likes of him.

But it’s hard to move on when you’re chained to the past, and Bella is intent on getting justice for her sister…even if it’s at the cost of her own life.

My first reaction when I thought about this book was to give it zero stars because the ending absolutely gutted me. Then I realized that the fact that I felt so passionately about it probably meant that it has earned many more stars than that. That's how I ended up at four. I'm still not sure whether I'll ever forgive the author.

The story was well spun, I really loved the characters even though I was so upset with Isabella's parents. The way they grieved wasn't healthy at all in my eyes. I know that people deal differently with loss but in this case everyone was supposed to take part in it even though it was really extreme and considering the fact that the murder happened many years ago, they were living far too much in the past. Well, there were so many more situations where I could have screamed and was so furious when it came to her parents, nope, I'm no fan of theirs. Not at all.
Rocco was an amazing character and I wanted it all for him, the girl, the white fence and everything. He is a real bad boy but he is also soft, passionate and ....well, amazing.
The search for her sister's killer is what keeps Bella going. Justice for her sister, no matter what. Even if that means risking her own life....

What bugged me the whole book long though was an inconsistency. Right at the beginning Bella finds something that made me think that the police never really looked into her sister's murder because I would have expected them to find that and to look into it even it seemed to be a simple case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, and in the end I wondered about something as well, though - no spoilers.
Depsite those points, I can definitely recommend this book - just keep your mind open to the possibility of heartbreak and tissue-wringing.


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