Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 10. April 2017

Don't Kiss the Messenger - Katie Ray




Wow, this book drew me in! From the first page on I was hooked and didn't put the book down till the end.
I can't even tell what I felt exactly, because due to the unusual circumstances (and some insecurities and some stupidity and...well, you get the point, right?) my feelings changed every other minute. I was sighing and grinning foolishly, was really really upset the next minute, started ranting and swearing am second later and would have loved to kick somebody or other - well, sometimes.

Take  CeCe, you just have to love her - and I was so upset when people reacted badly to her scar and I just would have loved to hug her - while kicking somebody's back. And then Bryn - clueless, sweet, egocentric, beautiful - every guy's dream. At least as long as he doesn't want to dig too deep and doesn't try to look for more. Together -  they are irresistible, aren't they? Is it possible to fall, hard,  for someone's inner beauty instead of the obvious beauty on the outside? Or is it really just beauty that matters?

When Emmett falls for Bryn, he can't believe his luck - perfection on the outside and a perfect character, all in one. Well... There might be something else - or rather someone else. How is it possible to fall for one person, to feel so close to her and somehow it never really adds up? Something is off and he is desperately trying to find out what it is and how to really connect with the wonderful woman Bryn promises to be. At least, ...well, read for yourself, it's definitely worth it!

I loved how strong Cece was and I loved to see her rattled and realizing that sometimes life may have more in store for you than you can imagine.
This is a wonderful book about getting to know somebody, really getting to know somebody, it's about self-acceptance, insecurity, peoples' strengths, their weaknesses and about finding the one with whom you feel just right. The one who loves you and who doesn't care whether you have a scar, are big or tall or -whatever because you are just right, just the way you are.

Sometimes it takes a bit longer and the way to happiness may be a bit longer and a bit less straightforward than you may have wished for but love is worth the fight and worth the wait.
I really loved this book, I liked the First comes love and Awaken series that the author wrote as Katie Kacvinsky but this book is much more intense and I just couldn't put it down.

So, no matter what, don't shoot kiss the messenger, you never know if he (or she) is really the one behind the message!


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