Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 11. April 2017

Finding Kate by Maryanne Fantalis



Kathryn's strong will and sharp tongue have branded her a shrew in her small town. Now, not even the generous dowry offered by her wealthy father can tempt any man to court her. But when Sir William rides into town on his magnificent war horse, Kathryn's world turns upside down.

William is like a burr in Kathryn's side from the very beginning. Even the way he insists on calling her "Kate" irritates her thoroughly, yet she can't keep from listening for his voice. Though he claims he is the only man for her, she is certain he only wants her rich dowry. When he proposes marriage, she accepts as a way out of her miserable home.

Freed from her cruel family and judgmental town, Kathryn must decide whether she will continue her battle of wills with the sometimes charming, often maddening Sir William. Will she remain the shrewish Kathryn or find a way to be Will's Kate.

It wasn't easy to rate this book. On the one hand I didn't put it down, I just kept reading ....and reading....and reading... On the other hand I was really upset with William because I felt that Kate had already suffered enough with her stupid family and especially with her stepb...east of a sister. Oh, and don't forget all those charming people in her village.

Alright, I knew the story, I mean, who doesn't, right? I knew that (I was always furious, when I read Shakespeare's version) Will has to behave like an ... idiot... and even though I was still upset with him and I felt so sorry for Kate because she wasn't really acting like a shrew and there he was, crushing all her hopes for a better life and at last some love with his stupid actions. He shows some redeeming qualities and it is obvious that he isn't happy with the way he acts as well but nevertheless I still hated him. And I had a real big lump in my throat all the time while he acted like that.

Which, usually, shows that the book itself isn't bad, right? Because a bad book wouldn't make me cry or get upset (or simply furious) or grin like a fool - best proof that this book is not just "not bad" but quite the opposite - usually it is actually really good. I just don't like some parts of the (classic and well-known) story but I liked that Will had certain ideas of the way a marriage should be.
And I liked him as well despite his actions and the fact that I would have loved to kick him more than once. He is a man, so it probably isn't his fault that his logic is flawed, right?

Soooo....if you don't mind getting upset and ranting against men, stepsistern, mother-mountains and other people as well as getting heartsick and a bit teary-eyed and all that, this book might be just right for you.


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