Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

Fated (A Mystic Academy book) by Ednah Walters

Fated is live - and it is amazing!


A witch
An Immortal
And the soul reaper

Lana Longhorn has a “special gift” that causes people to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. She thinks it’s the reason for the tragic accident that killed her parents when she was a child and has become an expert at hiding her ability from the world by age eighteen. That is, until a soul reaper from Hel walks into her life.

From the moment they meet, Syn Shabaka pushes Lana’s buttons. He is the first person she’s ever met who is immune to her gift, and the first person to offer her a way to be with other gifted people like her. The offer tempts her, but fear that he will discover the truth about her adopted family keeps her from accepting. Lana has already lost one set of parents, and she refuses to lose another.

As sparks fly between the pair, she must decide what is important, keeping her family safe or finding her happiness.

Okay, those who know me (or my reviews or my blog with my reviews) a bit, know that I love the books by Ednah Walters. I was really curious though when I found that her latest book is a novella because, well, novellas are not my favorite cup of tea, you know? The longer the better and all that stuff but - it is set in the Runes Universe. Irresistible, right? At least for me!
And I should have known better than to doubt even if it was just for a nanosecond: I loved this book! Lana is an amazing character and the chemistry between her and Syn, phew, not bad, not bad at all....

It was so sweet to see Lana enjoy the freedom of being with someone who is immune to her gift and to see how she slowly starts to trust him and to question the things her parents told her.
Her siblings are wonderful characters as well, I love how all of them watch out for each other, how much they care and how much they love each other.
When Syn invites Lana and her siblings to join Mystic Academy - yes, THE Mystic Academy Raine and the others had been talking about, the Academy for Immortals, Witches and their likes- it is tempting but is it tempting enough to risk exposing their family's secrets? Or is it essential for them to do so?
And in the end I loved to see how everything is linked and how Lana and her family are already a part of the whole story.

Another wonderful 

book by Ednah Walters for all those who just can't get enough of the

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