Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Embracing Love (Once broken #1) by Alison Mello


McKenzie McCormick moved back home for one reason only, and falling for a soldier isn’t it…
Fort Stewart is only a few miles away, which means her hometown has its fair share of soldiers. But Kenzie chooses to steer clear of them, as she still struggles to cope with the grief of losing her father to war. All she wants to do is help her aunt take care of her ill grandmother—until a gorgeous green-eyed Army Captain moves back into town.
The last thing Captain Remington Bennett expects to find is a pretty brunette while out on his morning run…
Intrigued by the woman he passes almost every morning, Remy is determined to get to know the brown-eyed beauty. Kenzie is reluctant to get too close, but his persistence in pursuing her slowly breaks down her defenses, turning what started out as nothing more than a nod and a shy smile into something neither of them could have predicted.
War has already taken too much from her, and Kenzie can’t afford to lose her heart to a soldier…
Even though the mutual attraction becomes too strong to ignore, Kenzie keeps fighting her feelings for the handsome Captain. But when Remy is called out on a mission and she’s faced with the possibility he might not come back, Kenzie realizes she may have let her only chance at love slip through her fingers.
Now that Kenzie is finally ready to embrace love with the kind of man she has spent her entire life avoiding, it might just be too late…

This book was one of those books that you just open to take a peek, then run around the whole day with your reader in hand because you just have to know... 

Do you know that kind of book? It's the kind where everything just adds up and results in a wonderful book with amazing and complex characters and an intriguing story. The writing is thrilling and gripping and you just feel with your hero and your heroine and you cry and you laugh and you have this silly, goofy smile on your face when they are just so sweet and of course sometimes you just want to kick them and tell them what to do, because, seriously, how can they fail to understand how deeply they care for each other and...  In short - that kind of book that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and won't let you get out till you reach the end.

I loved it and it is definitely one of those book that I will read again and even though it was the first book by this author that I've read, it won't be the last.


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