Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 8. April 2017

SEAL Protector (Brothers in Arms #2) by Leslie North


 Ex-Navy SEAL Vann Highrider has given everything to Brothers-in-Arms, the boot camp he owns with his teammates. He’s facing his toughest mission yet—someone is framing the SEALs for murder. It’s up to Vann to clear their name to keep their business afloat…and his Brothers out of jail. The last thing he needs is more bad press from a stupid accident. So when he finds a petite brunette failing miserably at his survival course, the Cherokee tracker wants to send her packing. Yet there’s something about her he can’t say no to…. But if she wants a second chance, she’ll have to follow his every move.

Restaurant heiress Mercy Conde may be business savvy, but she’s always lacked physical prowess. If she wants to take her family’s empire overseas, though, she has to prove she can take care of herself. Brothers-in-Arms’ survival training seems like the perfect fit, but it doesn’t take long for this deep thinker to realize she’s in over her head. When tall, dark, handsome Vann offers to take her under his wing, she agrees to play things his way…especially when his way has her under more than just his wing.

Vann is used to being a lone wolf, but he’s eager to boost Mercy’s confidence both on the boot camp course and in the bedroom. But when their training becomes a real life or death situation, they’ll have to put their skills to the test if they want to survive.

I really enjoyed reading this story and didn't put the book down till I had turned the last page. It is a thrilling and gripping story that not only includes a wonderful, really hot hero but also a very tough female heroine who finds her power and learns to trust herself and her own abilities.

I loved the chemistry between the main characters and, seriously, Vann is just amazing. He is not just hot and loyal and sweet and ...well,  a whole bunch of other positive attributes but he is also a really good teacher and understands Mercy perfectly. Even if he blows it. More than once. I loved that you could always feel how much he cares for her and how much he wants to help her and to do what is best for her.
Mercy is tiny but tough and I really liked how she tried so hard to succeed despite everything that happened. I was upset with her family and the way they made her fight for everything. On the one hand her parents fears are understandable but, well, they should see that their girl is great and competent just the way she is.

The story was well developed and I liked that no matter what happened, Mercy and Vann stayed real. They never turned into Superman or Supergirl they just used their training to save themselves or those around them and no matter how bad ass they were, both of them had weaknesses as well and had to deal with them in order to achieve their aim.
Oh, and did I mention the chemistry? Phew, that wasn't bad either, believe me but I might have mentioned that before...

Well written, great and captivating story and amazing characters - I really enjoyed reading this book and I'll definitely read the other books in this series as well.


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