Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 7. April 2017

The Hermitage by Sharon Sobel


 Just a short note:

The Hermitage by Sharon Sobel


When an unspeakable secret is revealed, threatening to destroy the Earl of Westbridge’s tranquil life, he seeks refuge while he plots an honorable course of action. Disguised as Robbie Darkwood, he finds sanctuary as a hermit on the newly acquired estate of Mr. George Gardiner. His obligations as a hermit are to be seen but not heard, to resist any interference from others on the estate, and to provide a romantic presence at an unobtrusive distance. His duties seem simple until Miss Laurel Gardiner, Mr. Gardiner’s spirited daughter, returns from the London season bored and disillusioned, wanting nothing more than the sanctuary of her secret library in her father’s hermitage. When she finds her sacred space occupied by a handsome and enigmatic hermit, she decides to set aside her passion for reading and invest that energy in something infinitely more pleasurable: to remake the common hermit into a gentleman and a romantic interest for her recently jilted friend. The Earl of Westbridge does his best to avoid Miss Gardiner, but she’s a force to be reckoned with, and soon he finds himself falling in love with her. But he knows that his love is ill-fated, for no respectable woman will have him when his unspeakable secret is revealed . . .

This book was nice to read even though it was a bit too forseeable and I had no problem to put it aside every now and then.
I understood that the Earl of Westbridge was distressed and even horrified when he discovered the truth, this one secret that is just too horrible to even think of it. But, well, a hermit? Seriously?
Some coincidences are really astonishing like Miss Laurel Gardiner befriending Miss Penelope Croyden...and everything that results of it. Nevertheless I really liked the characters and I enjoyed to read how every Jack finds his Jill.

A nice book, not something that I'll read again that soon, but nice nontheless.


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