Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 11. April 2017

Whatever You Need (The Haneys #2) by Barbara Longley

In the second novel in award-winning author Barbara Longley’s sweet and sexy Haneys series, an introverted electrician rewires a young widow’s apartment—and attempts to mend her heart.
Painfully shy electrician Wyatt Haney is a pro at complex wiring jobs, but when it comes to women, he just can’t seem to make a lasting connection. If he had even half the courage of the superhero he penned for his comic book series, he’d finally be able to talk to his beautiful neighbor, Kayla—and stop hiding behind a hoodie. When an electrical fire breaks out in Kayla’s apartment, Wyatt comes to the rescue, sparking an attraction neither of them expected.
Kayla Malone has had enough surprises. First an unplanned pregnancy at eighteen, then losing her husband in war, and now a fire in her apartment. Thank God her hot neighbor has the skills to help. As Wyatt repairs Kayla’s apartment and forges a relationship with her son, he also makes inroads to her heart. It’s clear that Wyatt has fallen for Kayla, but is she willing to risk another heartbreak—or will she ignore the electricity between them and miss her happy ending?

Seriously, is there any guy sweeter than Wyatt? He is so caring and sweet and this shyness? Well, I loved it see him overcome it and see him connect with other people  - and his hood? That had to go and I loved to see it happen.

When Wyatt hears the fire alarm go off in Kayla's kitchen, he doesn't know that this fire will change his life for ever. Getting to know Kayla and falling in love with her, well, that was something he had hoped for but due to his extreme shyness it wasn't something he would have thought possible. But - things change and so do people. And when the reward is worth it, well, sometimes people can surpass themselves and Kayla definitely is worth it.

Kayla's life hasn't been easy up to now, not everyone is a widow and single mum at the ripe old age of 24, right? And that her husband wasn't too pleased to have been forced to marry her because of their son Brady, well, let's just say that her marriage wasn't one of the best. So one could say that she is a bit gun-shy when it comes to men and love. But Wyatt's caring and friendly way, his love for her son and last but not least, his talent when it comes to drawing marvelous comics - it's not easy to stay hard, when someone like him comes along.

When everything threatens to fall apart, it's Wyatt again who fights to keep everything together. Will it be enough? And will it be enough to convince a certain young lady that she should trust him with her heart as well?

I loved Wyatt and Kayla and their families and I loved all those lovingly painted minor characters. The story is really nice and well plotted, it captivated me from the start. A very enjoyable read and a book that I can definitely recommend.


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