Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 4. November 2017

Oliver by F.G. Adams

When love is the light in your night....
...and there's no harm in your charme...

Oliver by F.G. Adams


 Soulmates destined to collide.

Six years after surviving a tragic loss, a photograph of a young woman turns Oliver Bishop's world upside down. He's on a mission, tracking her from state to state. Each stop bringing him closer to finding her. Will his search find the ghost vixen, or will the madman stalking her get to her first?

After fourteen years of running from a nightmare, Fallyn Blackwood barely escaped her stalker's clutches in Washington. When a sexy stranger walks into Ray's Diner, her entire world shifts on its axis. Scared and determined, she finds herself fighting his protective nature--and her desire. The problem is, she's not looking to be saved.

He's come too far to back down. He found her, and he won't let go. Freedom from the past is within his grasp, and he'll fight for her love. 

When you have given up on love but somehow the picture of a young woman and the quest to find and protect her become the center of your world, how far would you go to protect her?

When Fallyn and Oliver's paths finally cross, Oliver will do everything to keep her safe and bring her back to her family, even when he has to fight a madman for her.  Surviving her stalker and his unwanted attentions - well, nobody ever said that life was a Sunday school picnic, right?

This story is not only about arms and resilience but also about trust - and love, of course,
With her stalker getting closer and closer and her daughter being in danger as well, Fallyn will have to take that proverbial leap of faith and simply trust Oliver and his team. And Oliver, well, the question is not if he will be able to keep her safe because he will make sure that he does but whether he will be able to let her go in the end. And if not, is there a future for two people who have been badly hurt and who already lost everything once? When love is the light in their night, there might be a chance for the two, won't there?

Action, love, romance and a good storyline make this book an amazing read. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn't put the book down once I had started it.  I can recommend this book!


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