Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

Tagged For Life (Tagged Soldiers, #1) by Sam Destiny

 Tagged For Life by Sam Destiny


Love is never simple. Love doesn’t understand a life plan, a needed vacation, or even lifetime dreams. True love marks you so deeply, you are simply tagged for life.

Life hasn’t turned out exactly how she thought it would for twenty-nine year old Tessa Rowan. She needs time. Time away to regroup, and have fun with her stateside friends. She needs forget all about looking for that all-consuming love she so desperately craves. So a trip to sunny California to see her friends is exactly what her heart craves.

Jesse “Jazz” Conner’s life is consumed by his service to his country. He was born a soldier. The Army is his home, his future, and undoubtedly his first love. His goal is to be the best, and to serve his country with pride. But when Jazz stumbles over a cute, but ragged looking blonde at the Monterey Airport, his resolve to stay focused on service is tested.

Tessa isn’t looking for a holiday fling, and Jazz doesn’t have the time to date . . . but neither of them can forget their first encounter. What begins as a chance encounter soon develops into a relationship neither is willing to sacrifice.

Can Jazz and Tessa find a way to be together? Or will they both walk away from their only chance at true love?

This review took me a bit longer to write as I got sucked in, again, while browsing through the pages when I was preparing to write the review - and I promptly read both books again.

I can‘t say whether this book drew me in right from the start or if it took me some pages to fall for Tessa and Jazz and their whirlwind of a romance but I can say that it kept me glued to my reader and made me feel and swoon and cry right along with the hero and the heroine.

Against all odds and especially against their friends‘ advice, Tessa and Jazz fall for each other. Hard. And irrevocably, no matter what everybody else thinks or says. (And believe me, you will get really mad at some of their wonderful friends when they try to save Tessa and Jazz from themselves...)
But what chance is there really for a happily ever after, when you know that your time is limited? That very soon endless miles of water won‘t be the only thing that will separate you?
And will all the heartbreak that is soon to follow be worth it?

I really really loved this book about love and friendship and about the things that really matter.
When I left Tessa and Jazz at the end of this book, I was very happy that the next book, Forever Girl, was already on my reader because...well, I had to know, you know?

Sooo, I can definitely recommend this book, at least if you have enough handkerchiefs and the one or the other pot of ice cream at hand.


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