Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Marked by Fate ...


 Marked by Fate. Defined by Their Choices.

A collection of 25 Fantasy and Science Fiction YA coming of age novels from New York Times, USA Today, International, Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning authors!!

This action-packed boxset is filled with teen warriors who encounter shadows, queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, and shifters. Sometimes these young adults partner with immortals, angels, vampires, demons, and gods. And with occasionally genetically engineered soldiers, cyborgs, and robots as they discover magical hidden fantasy worlds, encounter mind-blowing dystopian lands, space stations, and galaxies they could never have dreamed existed. Marked by Fate to complete these deadly and dangerous quests filled with nonstop action and adventure!

I must admit, I didn't have a clue what I ordered when I pre-ordered this collection, I just trusted Ednah Walters who was absolutely excited and told us all that this would be great.

Okay, when one of your favorite authors tells you that something book-related will be great - hey, yes, here I am!
And I pre-ordered. And suddenly, the day before yesterday, it suddenly appeared on my kindle. Many dedications to Ednah in it that really touched me and imagine my surprise when I found out exactly why she was so excited!
This stuff is really cool! I mean, it's not just a bunch of amazing stories (which would have been great as well) but it is also a teeny tiny bit more.

Did you ever want to know what the covers look like in color? Yes? Welll.....
And did you ever want to see the author talk about his book, right in the book? Yes? Wellll.....
And did you ever try to imagine what the music mentioned in the book might sound like? Yes again? Welll.... this and more you can find in this collection!
Just have a smart device at hand with a little app and you're in for some fun! It's easy to use and of course, the explanations are inside!
Curious? Well, just go and see for yourself what all this fuss is about!

 Oh, and don't worry, it is not just the show, the stories themselves are also very promising. I haven't read them all yet, obviously, but I know books by several of the authors and were never disappointed and others sound great and while sneaking a peek I found that I am definitely looking forward to reading them!


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