Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017

Moon Kissed (Mirror Lake Wolves #1) by Jennifer Snyder


Something sinister lurks in the Mirror Lake woods…

Life is different for those living in the Mirror Lake Trailer Park, especially where Mina Ryan is concerned. She’s been waiting years for her werewolf gene to trigger, and the clock is ticking. If she isn’t Moon Kissed soon, Mina runs the risk of becoming an outsider to more than just the townspeople of Mirror Lake. Unless her werewolf gene triggers in the coming months, Mina will become an outsider within her pack as well.

It’s almost an unthinkable fate, one Mina finds herself needing to be distracted from. And who better to distract her than Alec Thomas, a charming Southern cutie…who happens to be human? Alec isn’t the only one who’s captured her attention, though. The handsome Alpha’s son, Eli Vargas, has his eye on her as well, much to the pack’s approval.

Bigger issues for Mina arise when she learns one of her pack members has gone missing and that she might know something about their disappearance. There’s only one person Mina can turn to for help. Too bad she has a hard time trusting herself when she’s around him…

As the mystery grows while two men vie for Mina’s attention and the next full moon looms closer, it’s all Mina can do to keep her head and heart in check.

Book One in the anticipated Mirror Lake Wolves Series.
New Adult/Mature Young Adult.

Oookay, I was a bit shocked when the book ended because seriously, that was waaaaaay too early. I mean, we were right in the middle of ....well, of... everything. Even though I was a bit irritated that Mina and Eli didn't share the information they had with their alpha as it was crucial information that might save someone's life.

Apart from that I really enjoyed this book. It was imaginative and a great read. I liked the hero and heroine a lot and I was worried about Mina and Eli when they tried to investigate certain things as that definitely places them right in the middle - not of nowhere but of danger. Or rather Danger, with a capital D.

Mina and Eli are sweet together and you can feel some chemistry there despite the fact that Mina still tries to resist the attraction. her interactions with the humans make her aware that not only their pack's secret is in danger but also the members of her pack.
Still waiting to be Moon Kissed, she eagerly anticipates the day of the full moon, where her grandma will prepare her again the delicious salvia...okay, I'm kidding. Her grandma will prepare those leaves but let's just say that "eagerly" does not exactly describe her feelings when it comes to the ....salvia leaves. As long as there is still hope that she will be Moon Kissed though, the salvia leaves will be waiting for her....

Interesting characters and a great, well-written story ... well, I really enjoyed reading this book and I simply have to know what happens next so I'll definitely have to read the next books in this series!


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