Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

Netherworld by Amy Miles & Danielle Bannister

Amy Miles & Danielle Bannister


Flatline. The moment when one life ends and the next begins. That’s my cue. And I hate it. Being a banshee is a right pain in the arse. When I’m not ferrying manky old blokes or mental cat ladies through the veil between Earth and Netherworld, I’m training in secret for a war our King denies is coming. But I know better. An army of Lorcan monsters stands ready to breach the walls. If they succeed, the destruction they seek will not be contained to just our world, but to the human world beyond. My only hope is to rely on the aid of a cocky prince with his own agenda. But after a human man captures my interest, will I be able to accept the terms of the prince’s aid?
Our paths were never meant to cross. I’m meant to live my human life, unaware of the world that exists beyond the veil. I know about death, sure. My own sister’s life hangs in the balance, holding my own happiness with it. But when Taryn and I collide, my world flips upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore. There are things I shouldn’t be able to see but now can’t escape from. Logic tells me to run as far as I can from Taryn and the horrors of her world but my heart screams at me to follow her to the literal ends of the earth. Even if it means my own damnation.

You thought that you knew everything about Reapers and Banshees that there is to now? Believe me, this book will change your mind!

In this amazing and imaginative book, you will learn a lot more about this kind of reapers and this kind of banshees, and believe me, you'll love them. At least, most of them. You won't love the King. At all.
This fast-paced novel takes us to a realm that is a part of our world as well but those who live there never interact with humans, at least not as long as the humans are alive. The reapers and banshees are responsible for retrieving the souls of the deceased and guide them towards their destination.
What will happen, when those two worlds collide? What will happen, when a human is able to see the banshees and the reapers? The law forbids them to interact, ignoring them, you might even pay the ultimate price: your life.

With the threat of an army of monsters at the horizon and the possibility that the King is already trying to get rid of her, Taryn is not in the best place right now. Add some mysterious encounters with a human who can see her - wait, let me rephrase - an attractive human, who can see her and you might understand, whey her life isn't exactly all rainbows and unicorns right now. When the prince comes to her aid, the cure might even be almost as difficult to accept as the fate he is saving her from. Almost.
Caught in the middle between the two worlds and their male representatives, Taryn just has to hope that everything will turn out right...

This book is great to read, I love the interesting characters and the gripping story that won't let you go. Definitely a book to recommend and - I really need to read the next book! ASAP!



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