Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017

No Regrets by Ann Lethbridge


Carolyn Torrington’s romantic dreams of her childhood friend Lucas Rivers are shattered when the wily lord offers her a marriage of convenience to gain his inheritance. While it breaks her heart to say yes to the arrangement with a man she’s always loved, it’s the only way to secure her sisters’ futures.

To the world, Lucas, Lord Foxhaven, is an irrepressible rogue, and wedded bliss is the furthest thing from his mind. But he’s been forced up to the mark by his father, and he’s certain the demure Carolyn won’t give him an iota of trouble—if only her voluptuous body weren’t driving him to distraction.

As Carolyn struggles to keep her true feelings hidden, Lucas is drawn ever more powerfully by thoughts of unbridled passion, and he’s stunned by his burgeoning feelings for a woman he’s always seen as a friend. When a scheming Parisian relative threatens to take her from him for good, Lucas realizes he must stand up and be the man Carolyn always knew he could be—even as he suddenly comes to know he wants their marriage in name only to become quite real . . .

On the whole, I really liked this book but very often I felt like kicking the hero and the heroine just a teeny tiny bit because they drove me crazy with the way they kept thinking that they didn't love and didn't care for each other. Every time I felt as if they should finally, FINALLY realize that there was a bit more to their marriage than just a bargain they dodged that realization quite successfully. Unfortunately.
Somewhere in between, there were things happening that simply were a bit too much: Too much drama, too much angst and too many obstacles to break through.

It was entertaining and despite my frustration concerning their relationship and the way they always failed to understand what they meant to each other (speaking, you know, this simple act of speaking to each other, might have been a big help - if they had ever bothered to try it), I seldom put the book down. I just had to know what happened next but that didn't prevent me from getting frustrated all over again when "it" happened again and again and they just didn't get it.

Consequently, there wasn't that much chemistry between our hero and our heroine, you knew that they were in love, it was obvious but it was a bit lacking in the "sparks-compartment". The hero and the heroine, as well as the other characters, remained somewhat flat.

Nevertheless, it kept me well entertained and I enjoyed reading it despite all those things that I mentioned above.

This book was originally published under the author name Michele Ann Young.



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