Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Dating the Wrong Mr. Right (Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm #3) by Amanda Ashby

  Dating the Wrong Mr. Right by Amanda Ashby


I discovered the "Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm" not very long ago but I fell in love with them from the first page on. This book is the third in the series and the others are definitely also worth reading. I loved them as much as this one. "
"Dating the Wrong Mr. Right" is Pepper's story and it is also Coop's story. And it is a story about expectations and dreams and the question whose dream we're living. It might also be a story about coming home and trusting that things might work out.

Pepper and Coop are absolutely sweet together and I loved to read their story. With Bec and Emmy around and all the other inhabitants of Sunshine, this is a story that'll make you swoon and smile and laugh and, well, swoon a bit more. Okay, a lot more.
Having moved back from Seattle to Sunshine, Pepper can't wait to get her life back. And that life doesn't include Sunshine, at least not as a place to live and work but somehow fate might have other ideas. Or Cupid might. Why else should it be so difficult to avoid Coop and even more difficult to stop kissing him?
Will his kisses win or will Pepper stick to her long-time plan and get the hell out of Dod...Sunshine?

Many wonderful minor characters add to the cozy and charming setting. Charlie and Stan, Miss Dottie and the other inhabitants of Sunshine are all very unique characters who make you feel that you know this place and you never want to leave because you know everybody there and they are just special and make you feel at home. And sometimes they just make you laugh. Hard. You don't believe me? Ask Stan. I'm pretty sure he has a sign plastered on the side of his taxi telling you that I am right.

A wonderful and sweet read that I can definitely recommend - as well as the other books of the series!


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