Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Finally - RARE 17! (In English) #RARE17


I must admit that me being German and therefore not used to that kind of book events (we have book fairs and other conventions but no events that are dedicated to signing) I wasn't sure how much fun that would (could?) be. Up to this year, I had never heard of the RARE but when I heard that three of my favorite authors will be at the RARE 18 in London, I had to buy a ticket for London. That's how I found out about the RARE in Berlin this year. A bunch of romance authors, many of them indie authors - sounds rather good, right?

When I realized that I already knew many of the authors, at least their books and won the tickets for my daughter and me to participate, well, that was a no-brainer. We had to go there! And I didn't regret it.
I missed the possibility, though, to browse the books. As I'm used to the book fairs around here, where you can browse for hours (though you can't buy them there) and add heaps of books to your wish list, it was a bit frustrating not to be able to do that here because you didn't have much time when it was your turn to get your book signed.  But there were many authors where there wasn't a line and where you could talk a bit and find out more about their books. Knowing that it was a book signing and no fair, I had looked at the books before I went there but - it's not the same. Apart from that, it was exactly what it was supposed to be and even though it was about the books and getting them (or anything else) signed, you got to talk to other readers from all over the world and the authors and it was fun.

I didn't bring any books to the signing, the only book that I had ordered, didn't arrive in time. *roll* It was amazing how many books some people brought, trundling their overflowing carriers and suitcases from author to author and I was really impressed by the care with which some people had prepared photobooks and their likes that they wanted to get signed instead. When I saw all those lovingly decorated books, I felt a bit...well, unprepared with my kindle cover and my signing book that I had brought to the event. Despite the fact that the book that I ordered didn't arrive in time, we brought a number of books home. Most of them were gifts by the authors and I'm so looking forward to reading them and telling you about them. They all sound very, very promising!
But - back to the begin-ning!  
It started rather early for us as my daughter and I wanted to volunteer at the event and had to register at 8.30 am even though our (general) admission was at 11 am. The well-prepared reader has always a book at hand for such an occasion so it wasn't such hardship though. Those of us who had pre-ordered books could get those already because there was a table set up in the foyer but in the main room, all the last-minute preparations were still under way.
Near half past ten and the time that the doors would open for us things got a bit more crowded. Nine o'clock, when those with tickets for the early admission were admitted, the first readers waiting for general admission at eleven were already there. Waiting. And waiting.

Once we were allowed in though, the crowd scattered a bit andit was alright. Sometimes you could just stop by, get your book signed, chat a bit and sometimes you had to wait a bit but it didn't get boring because, well, book nerds all around, right? There's always something to talk about!Most of the authors had brought some free books and I'm still very, very happy because I got some really great books who were looking for a good and loving home, so to speak. 😉

Those books were the icing on the cake, obviously but even apart from that, it was a wonderful and amazing day. The only side effect that my husband considers as a negative effect is the fact that somehow my wish list kind of exploded. Just a little bit.Well, you probably know that effect, right?

I'll tell you a bit more about the authors I met and their books (many of them have already been translated into German as well,by the way) and I'll share a couple of photos over the next few days as well. Oh, and I can tell you, that I've read one of the books that I got at the RARE on my way home AND ordered the next book right afterwards and preordered two more books by this author (yes, I'm still under the influence, it's not my fault that an overdose of books makes me lose my inhibitions and buy MORE books!😊). More about that tomorrow, though!

By the way - after the RARE we went to the  Curryhain on WĂŒhlischstraße where we had Broiler (that's what they call a roasted chicken in Berlin), sweet potato fries and currywurst and - I never thought that I'd say that about a takeaway -  it was delicious! Great food, great service and very friendly owners - perfect! Afterwards, as we were too exhausted to go to the after party as planned, we went back to the camping site where we finished the day with a glass of champaign and unwound a bit.

All in all, it was an amazing and exciting day! We met a lot of new people, found many new books to check out and had a lot of fun (and sore feet *oops*)!


Oh, did I mention, that one of those wonderful authors asked me whether I'd like to have some of her books for a giveaway on my blog?

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