Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

Seducing the Prince (Book 3 of the Kazanov Series) by Patricia Grasso

 Seducing the Prince by Patricia Grasso 


I really enjoyed reading Seducing the Prince". The story has some interesting twists in it, that set it a bit apart from other romances set in this time period.

In addition to the hero and the heroine, there are also a number of interesting minor characters that are also well described, who captivate the reader's attention by their unique character and their spirited and often witty interactions. I very much enjoyed the sassiness and the spirit of the female characters who refuse to bow to society's rules and expectations and who expect the men in their lives to respect them.

When Reggie meets Prince Viktor Kazanov and falls in love with him, which in itself is rather ironic, considering the fact that his wife is her husband's lover, she doesn't know yet that her biggest wish will come true and she will finally be free of her husband whom she despises. 

Seeing the man she loves or even worth herself, accused of this murder - actually a double murder, granting Viktor the same freedom from a spouse he despised as herself - was not really what she expected in her future though. It might make a nice inspiration for her novel writing but to live this nightmare? Nope. No fun there. 
Fortunately, her friends and her family are loyal and with their combined efforts they might be able to find the murderer - they will have to hurry though because more people start to die and things get really tight!

Amazing characters, a funny, entertaining and captivating read - another book by Patricia Grasso that I can definitely and wholeheartedly recommend!


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