Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Storm Revealed: Phantom Islanders Part II by Ednah Walters

Those of you who have read Storm already, 
will love to hear that the story continues - NOW!

Ednah Walters 

Isn't this cover absolutely gorgeous?


Sassy heroine, a legend and a people in peril...

Supernatural creatures don’t roam the seas.
And female pirates do exist.

Lexi resigns herself to the primitive living and the strange customs of the islands but struggles with the fact that she will never see or help her brother again. As the people embrace her as Storm’s chosen mate, Lexi slowly begins to see the magic around her.
When she discovers the truth about Storm and his people, she finally understands why he abducted her and why he needs her to stay.

Just as her feelings start to change, someone obsessed with her strikes and threatens to destroy the island and its people. Left with no choice, Lexi makes the ultimate sacrifice.

This is Part II of a 3-Part Upper YA and New Adult Serial about a woman and her journey of discovery, adventure, and an unforgettable love

Reading Order:
Storm Part I: Released April 25th
Storm Revealed Part II coming May 30th
Storm Unleashed Part III coming June 27th

Alright - if you read this, I hope that you've already read the first part of this book because otherwise, I'm not sure that there won't be any spoilers. 
Soooo - if you haven't read it, start there.
You have read it? Fine. Go on, this review is for you!

We left Lexi waiting for Storm to return when she had finally accepted that she would never be able to go home.
Of course, that doesn't ease her mind when she worries about her little brother Tommy whose happiness and health depend on her and her ability to care for him. Despite worrying about him, she opens herself up to Storm and his people and when she finally fully understands the magic of the place and those around her she is intrigued. And - maybe a little bit more than that. Slowly a certain pesky (and sweet)(and gorgeous) captain gets under her skin and claims her heart. 
Will she be able to be happy here? 

I really loved this part of the story as well (and I hated Ednah again at the end of it because...well, because. Right? Who doesn't hate  cliffhangers no matter how well done they are?) and it was fun to see those two, Storm and Lexi, fight and fall in love. What does another former kidnapped woman say about her husband? There's something very romantic about a rough seaman turning into a giant teddy bear when he sees you [...] Well, the same can definitely be said about Storm. You feel his love for Lexi and even though she fights it, you can feel how much he means to Lexi as well. Their chemistry is amazing.

All in all, it is a fantastic story, funny, imaginative, intense and original with amazing characters - I love it. And I'm already counting the days till the release of part III.... 


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