Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 2. Juni 2017

Duke with Benefits (Studies in Scandal #2) by Manda Collins

Duke with Benefits by Manda Collins



Lady Daphne Forsyth is a brilliant mathematician with a burning passion for puzzles. When she learns that the library belonging to her benefactress houses the legendary Cameron Cipher an encrypted message that, once solved, holds the key to great riches Daphne is on the case. Unfortunately, her race to unlock the cipher's code is continually thwarted by a deliciously handsome distraction she hadn't counted on... and cannot resist.
Dalton Beauchamp, the Duke of Maitland, is curious as to why Daphne is spending so much time snooping around his aunt's bookshelves. He s even more intrigued by her bold yet calculating manner: She is unapologetic about her secret quest...and the fiery attraction that develops between them both. But how can they concentrate on solving a perplexing enigma once the prospect of true love enters the equation?

Daphne and Dalton are a wonderful couple who compliment each other very well. Daphne is a mathematical genius whose blunt manner has always caused many problems with those around her whereas Dalton may not be a genius but he is a very warm and understanding person who sees the amazing woman behind the social ineptitude. I loved to see  how he helped her and looked out for her, how he fell in love with her and how he found a way to explain to her why certain simple things like saying "thank you" and offering praise go a long way to making people accept you, 

As Daphne has no reason at all to trust any man, it takes a lot for her, to accept Dalton's help and to start, slowly, very slowly, to trust him - and to finally dare to fall .in love with him.
While those two try to sort out their feelings for each other there's also a big mystery to solve. Working to figure out this riddle and find the hidden treasure while trying to find a murderer at the same time, and keep each other safe, those living at Beauchamp House come to care for each other deeply, For someone like Daphne who hasn't had anyone to trust and to depend upon for a very long time, this is a wonderful experience. 

Beauchamp House was left to four women, all of them brilliant scholars like their late benefactress, all of them as different as their scholarly interests but they didn't know how much all their lives would change when they went to live there at Beauchamp House! 
As a reader, I loved to see their interactions, how they all grew closer and what an impact their new circumstances had on their lives.
The story is interesting and well plotted but it is the characters that really made me fall for this book. Especially Daphne took my heart by storm and it was wonderful to see her spread her wings and dare to live - and love. 

Oh, should I mention that the first book in the series "Ready Set Rogue"  went straight on my wish list? 

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