Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

Authors at the RARE 17 and their books (Molly Harper/Suzanne Wright)

I mentioned that I got some books at the RARE, didn't I? This beauty with the most fetching title The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper was one of  them and this was the book that I read on Sunday on our trip back home. The moment I finished it, I ordered the next book in the series and preordered two more books. Yes, it was that good. And better. I laughed so hard when I read this book that my daughter told me (repea-tedly) that I was "soooo embarassing"! Oh, and I had to order a german copy of the first book of another series of Molly Harper's as well because my husband and my other daughter have to read her books as well and they don't read books in English. Unfortunately just a couple of her books were translated and those are out of stock so I had to buy it second hand. Seriously, those books are so funny and I'm really happy that I discovered them due to this event.

Obviously I will read more books by Molly Harper, especially as her book How to Run with a Naked Werewolf which was the only one print book that I had ordered for RARE didn't arrive in time but is right now lying next to me, waiting anxiously to be read. 
Apart from the fact that they are really capotivating and funny but...I mean - how couldn't you love a book with such a title?
 And  - all books aside, Molly Harper was really nice and I really enjoyed meeting her!
Suzanne Wright was another author who I met on Saturday. I didn't have the time to read her books before I went to the RARE but I really liked what I read about them and I liked the blurbs of the books as well as the samples so I went and got her signature as well. At her table I got her book Fierce Obsessions and couldn't resist the Force of Temptation (and doesn't that name fit? *sigh*).  We were lucky and the line wasn't that long when we went there so we could chat a bit. Another nice author and from what I saw of her books up to now, I guess that more of those will follow as well.

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