Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

The Alabaster Hip (The Regency Romp Trilogy #3) by Maggie Fenton


The long-anticipated—and hilarious—final installment in The Regency Romp Trilogy…

After the Viscount Marlowe’s latest misadventure gets Miss Minerva Jones sacked from her teaching post, he hires her as a governess for his twins. Marlowe finds himself falling for the feisty bookworm—an alarming development for a man who was nearly broken by his disastrous marriage. Can he risk his heart without falling apart again?

Minerva would rather be employed by anyone other than the walking disaster that is the Viscount Marlowe, but she finds a home in Lord Marlowe’s eccentric household, and loses her heart to not only the twins but also their impossible father. Will she take a chance on the viscount?

Just when their happy ending is in sight, however, Minerva discovers Marlowe’s most closely guarded secret, with disastrous results. Can she ever forgive him for his deception?

(Also includes an evil duke, meddlesome friends, a randy Greek God, and a pack of rabid Misstophers.)

Okay, this book is nothing for you, if you are a stickler for historical accuracy but if you are looking for a book set in the Regency era and don't mind somewhat eccentric characters and a great story with many twists and turns, well, stop right now - your search is over! 
This book has, let's say, very interesting characters that may not always fit in with everything else that I have read about this era but they ft in with this story. Funny and witty, this book made me laugh out loud and groan in frustration and even though there were really horrible characters that I wholeheartedly despised  there were many others that were so sweet and nice that I fell for them. Oh, I wouldn't want to leave a razor lying around after having angered those sweet little angels but, really, I'm sure that they are completely harmless now. Perhaps. 

What I loved about those characters were the many layers to their character. They are interesting and charming and it never gets boring. Do you love limericks? No, well, that might change - or not. Even the most persistent Misstopher can be cured, obviously so who knows, perhaps you'll start spouting limericks after all. You don't know what a Misstopher is? You have never heard of Lady Hedonist? You don't know Christopher Essex? No? Well, I think that you should really really read this book, it will help you understand what I'm talking about - and it is definitely worth it. 
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and has a slightly chaotic but charming and thrilling story. The fact that it kept me glued to my reader and made me laugh out loud - yup. I can recommend this book.


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