Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 1. Juni 2018

After the Wedding (The Worth Saga #2) by Courtney Milan #AfterTheWedding #NetGalley


Adrian Hunter has concealed his identity and posed as a servant to assist his powerful uncle. He’s on the verge of obtaining the information he needs when circumstances spiral out of his control. He’s caught alone with a woman he scarcely knows. When they’re discovered in this compromising circumstance, he’s forced to marry her at gunpoint. Luckily, his uncle should be able to obtain an annulment. All Adrian has to do is complete his mission…and not consummate the marriage, no matter how enticing the bride may be.

Lady Camilla Worth has never expected much out of life—not since her father was convicted of treason and she was passed from family to family. A marriage, no matter how unfortunate the circumstances under which it was contracted, should mean stability. It’s unfortunate that her groom doesn’t agree. But Camilla has made the best of worse circumstances. She is determined to make her marriage work. All she has to do is seduce her reluctant husband.

Phew, this book isn't easy to rate. You see, on the one hand, I really loved the storyline and its characters but on the other hand, I felt as if both of them sounded a bit like a broken record which made for some lengths.

Where Camilla just hopes to be loved (and you really feel with her and you are upset and sad and just want her to find that love, finally), Adrian trusts the wrong man and is disappointed over and over again. And, I mean, you really start to hate this man, who uses him and who never acknowledges him despite all promises. Those two characteristics are repeated over and over again and it gets a bit annoying no matter how much you feel with them. Apart from that, well, I would have loved to kick the two of them the one or the other time because they just didn't understand and didn't believe and.. well.

It also feels a bit like there are too many ingredients. A case of "I kissed a girl", people of color and the problems they faced at that time, the church and those who represent it in a decidedly unchristian way and somehow things just pop up and you try to understand whether they are important for the story or not.
On the whole, I really enjoyed reading this book though despite all those points that I mentioned. It is sweet and I simply loved the characters and wanted them to get their HEA...right now.

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