Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 16. Juni 2018

Stumbling into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds #stumblingintolove


Mackenzie Reed has officially been stood up. Not only has she wasted two years on Mr. So Not Interested but now she doesn’t even have pizza and the Mets to keep her company. Then he walks into her life—more than six feet of rugged, hot stranger. Maybe, just for tonight, Mac can pretend to be a girl she’s not. After all, she deserves a little no-strings fun…

As far as Wesley Porter is concerned, one night with Mackenzie isn’t nearly enough. She’s a mystery he wants to solve—if he can keep her from running for the door every time they touch. There’s obviously some serious chemistry between them, so why is she fighting it?

As one sexy hookup turns into another (and another), Wesley is determined to prove they were made for each other. But Mac has been hurt before, and she refuses to fall for this sexy, ridiculously perfect guy. In fact, she has every intention of fighting it…unless he can convince her otherwise.

Do you remember Running Into Love?  
Stumbling Into Love is the next book in the Fluke My Life series and we will finally find out why Mackenzie reacts to Wesley the way she does...

Being stood up is not the way you want to pass your evening so when this great looking stranger walks into her life, Mackenzie throws caution to the wind and ..well, you know?
Somehow the part of no-strings-attached doesn't work though and somehow those two end up together again. And again. And....considering the fact how much they are drawn to each other, they should be deliriously happy but both of them have some issues that they are dealing with.
It takes some time and some help from friends and family for them to be able to overcome their problems and to find their HEA.

There may be lots of love and laughter along the way, at least I giggled and laughed a lot while reading it and some swooning and cheering on. I loved the first book in this series and Stumbling Into Love was also really great. Now I am rather impatiently looking forward to the next book Tossed Into Love where we'll find out more about Libby and her story.


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