Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018

Amber (Red Hot Love #1) by Elle Casey #amber


In the bright lights of the big city, she’ll find red-hot music—and red-hot love.

Fiery, free-loving Amber Fields has just discovered she’s the daughter of a 90s rock legend. Amber is determined to know more and heads to the bright lights of New York City, a world away from the hippie commune she’s grown up on in Maine.

She tracks down the band but answers seem hard to come by. And then there’s the new lead guitarist—troubled, sexy, intriguing Ty who is anything but welcoming.

Ty is not into commitment and Amber is not into the music yet, soon, sparks begin to fly. The more time they spend together, the hotter things get. They’re bound by music—could they also be bound by love?

I really loved reading Amber's story! Her background is rather...unique. Growing up in a hippie commune, growing your own food, having three mothers and...well, you get the gist, right? When Amber and her sisters find out that they are the daughters of the members of a rockband, they soon realize that one of them should go and talk to their fathers. They need answers, especially answers to questions like "where have you been all our lives" and "why have you never bothered to turn up before"? As the most outgoing one of the sisters, it's up to Amber to go to New York to find their answers...and this trip might change her life for good. 

With her unique mixture of naivete and character strength, Amber very quickly found her way into my heart. When she meets Tyler, the newest member of the band, sparks fly.....
Spending time in the city with Tyler and her (potential) fathers doesn't only offer her the chance to get to know those men who are her fathers much better but it also offers her the chance to makle more of this attraction to Tyler.

Once again, this book was highly entertaining, not only due to the story line, which is a bit different from her last books but also due to the style and the writing in general. I laughed a lot, it is witty and fund and a great read. I really loved reading this book!


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