Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

Cowboy SEAL Redemption (Navy SEAL Cowboys #2) by Nicole Helm



 Three former Navy SEALs
Injured in the line of duty
Desperate for a new beginning...
Searching for a place to call their own.

Jack Armstrong's been slowly piecing his life back together after a career-ending injury bounced him from the SEALs. The only trouble is, his family's on their way to his new haven in Montana...and Jack refuses to let them know he's still hurting. Desperate, he makes a deal with local bad girl Rose Rogers: in exchange for some extra security, she'll play the perfect loving girlfriend.

Rose doesn't trust any man, much less some tough-as-nails former SEAL. But the more they settle into their ruse, the more things start to feel real, and the more Rose's true fear surfaces―that she'll never be good enough for love. But Jack isn't about to lose Rose. He's done running when things get tough, and he's determined to prove―once and for all―that even the most troubled hearts can find their way to redemption.

We already met Alex, Jack and Gabe in the first book of this series, when they came back to the ranch in Blue Valley, Montana where Alex grew up -  and where his stepsister still lived. Alex and Becca had problems of their own to solve but those two have found their HEA.
Jack though, well, he is confronted with the upcoming visit of his loving family, as in - his cheating ex and his brother who married her. So, just to show them that he really doesn't care anymore (no matter how he really feels), he needs a girl friend, ASAP, even if it is a fake one. As Rose, the owner of the pub nearby and a rather rough character with a very troubled past, needs some help at the pub, those two strike a deal.

Jack and Rose are really great together, they help each other to heal and to trust, even though the going is rough and the obstacles, well, there are many of them and some seem unsurmountable but with love and the help of their friends they may be able to overcome them all. I loved how the two fell for each other and, yeah, I may have needed a (couple of) handkerchiefs along the way. Rose's past is ...tough. And it hurts to read about it but it is so good to see her and her sisters free themselves from their past and its memories.
A great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


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