Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

Marriage Under Fire: Grayce Walters Mystery Series 4 (Grayce Walters #4) by Jacki Delecki


Marine veteran Maddy Jeffers never expected her most demanding and daunting mission would come off the battlefield. Ordered to infiltrate a Seattle terrorist cell, Maddy must pose as a loving wife to Major Hunter Hines. The undercover role begins to feel all too real when Maddy falls hard for the rugged, macho Marine.

Duty and discipline are Hunter Hines’s credo, guiding every decision and every action. But constant proximity with the fierce and enticing Maddy is veering his mission wildly off course. Although their role as man and wife is only pretend, there is nothing false about his out-of-control desire for his partner.

When Maddy’s life is threatened by an ISIS cell, protecting her becomes the only mission that matters, and Hunter is willing to break all the rules to save her. As the danger heats up around these two veteran heroes, Maddy and Hunter must walk a narrow path between passion and survival.

A short and sweet read with some action sprinkles to spice it up, this was a book that I definitely enjoyed reading even though it is not a book that will stay with me.

This book concentrates on Maddy and Hunter and their very fast developing relationship and not on the frame story of them working undercover while infiltrating a terrorist cell.

Some minor inconsistencies and a somewhat rushed story but nevertheless a nice read due to the characters and their interactions.
If you are looking for a story full of suspense and action, this might not be the right book for you but if you are okay with a sweet love story (with some not that sweet content though) spiced with elements of action and suspense, this is your book.

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