Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018

The Howling by Erin McCarthy #TheHowling #NetGalley



 Beneath the silver moon . . .

For six months the nightmares have been chasing Liv Lugaru out of her sleep. The same terrifying dream, the same fevered wolves panting after her, their hot breath getting closer and closer as a full moon hangs heavy in the night sky—until she wakes up drenched in sweat, with her fiancé, the brother of the man who broke her heart, gazing down at her . . .

Six months ago, Sebastian was almost killed by his brother in a power struggle within their werewolf pack. His disappearance opened the way for his brother to console Liv, win her trust . . . without ever telling her of their true heritage. Now Sebastian is ready to reclaim his rightful place—to rise up with the moon and claim the only woman he’s ever loved . . .

If this book had been the rough outline of the story, it might have been really good. Unfortunately, at this point, it feels as if too much is missing. The storyline is interesting and would have been a nice base but it remains rather flat and undeveloped. The same goes for the characters that remain somewhat one-dimensional. I just couldn't get emotionally involved in their fate no matter how hard I tried. The lack of explanations for some events or circumstances would have annoyed me much more otherwise either.

On the whole, this story should have been much more developed as it isn't, I can't really recommend it. It's ...nice... but bland.


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