Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

Emerald (Red Hot Love #2) by Elle Casey


A million reasons to go home. One hot reason to stay. From New York Times bestselling author Elle Casey comes the second book in the sexy Red Hot Love Series.
Emerald Collins is nothing like her strong-willed sister Amber. When she found out her father was a member of the legendary rock group Red Hot, sensitive Em was determined to carry on as normal—she had no interest in finding out more about her dad or leaving her quiet sanctuary in Maine.
But while visiting Amber in New York, Em meets Sam, a tortured, sexy, and utterly unsuitable musician. Sam and Em are used to life behind the scenes but their undeniable attraction is about to put them right in the spotlight.
When Sam reveals a shocking secret about his past, Emerald has to make a choice. Will she follow her head and return home or is the magnetism between them and the excitement of the big city enough for her to follow her heart?

Okay, it took me some time to get into this book. I loved Amber, the first book in this series but at the beginning Emerald was really getting on my nerves. She was far too naive, too whiny, too....everything and I just felt like telling her to finally grow up and get real.
Soooo, these feelings flared up every now and then again but on the whole, when things get rough, she finally wo-mans up and gets things done.
Sam and her, well, there are some sparks but I didn't really feel the connection and even though things were intense, their feelings, well, it all feels a bit rushed. Okay, considering the fact that Sam is absolutely amazing and I'd love to stea...ummm...borrow him, it might not be that far-fetched, actually... Sadie is a hoot, I fell for her the moment we met her. Sam and Emerald are really great with her and it's fun to read about their interactions with her.
All in all it is a nice story that made me laugh and that made me cry but due to my problems at the beginning, it is a good three stars book.

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